• Deferral of ICMS in the entry of raw materials and components necessary to the productive process, acquired abroad or in other States of the Federation.

• Operationalization, entry of inputs via Port and subsequent transport up to a Dry Port of the State, with the authorization of a Declaration of Customs Procedure. Customs clearance and payment of taxes in the Dry Port of the State where the effective nationalization of the raw materials occurs. The ICMS due for this state is deferred, that is, its payment is postponed, production and sale in the State, all the ICMS due is paid to the State.

Exclusion of ICMS from the PIS/COFINS Tax Base;

• Said charge is unconstitutional. The amount received as IMCS does not add to the estate of the taxpayer.


RBF Gestão e Participação brings to its clients and partners, tax benefits with the applicable tax authorities, be them Local, State or Federal.

State Tax Benefit

• Granted to the company according to the Commercial and Industrial Development Program

It is assured to the COMPANIES

• A Tax Credit, the amount of ICMS (State Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services) levied upon the internal sale of goods operations (Gasoline “A” and Diesel):